Indian Captain Sunil Chhetri is of the opinion that Indian football needs no more than four players playing in the ISL or I-League to provide maximum opportunity to the local talent to get exposure and develop their game.



ISL is all set cut the number of on-field foreigners from six to five but some I-League clubs are in favor of increasing the number as the two leagues are likely to be played simultaneously. Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are trying to oppose the rule for the limitation of foreign players in I-League stating that to compete with the glamorous ISL, the number of foreign players must be more in the teams. “Eventually I want to see four foreigners, it does not matter which league you are talking about. This year it is going to be five foreigners in ISL. We gave our input, we wanted four. But, there is a way to bring it down. Next year it is going to be four, that is what we have been promised. The simple rule should be since the AFC says four foreigners, we should be following that, we try to win the league or Federation Cup to play in AFC tournaments. So, it is best to play with their rules. That is my personal feeling.” said Chhetri.



Chhetri also supported the idea of One League in the country and said “Everybody would prefer one league. Best thing is to have 20-team first division, second division and, if possible, third and fourth divisions. I know everyone wants to move towards that. But, I don’t think this is blow to I-League. I hope both leagues work properly. Good part is with 20 teams playing at same time, there will be more opportunity for Indian players.”



Do you agree with what Chhetri has to say about having minimum foreign players for the benefit of Indian football or do you want to see star studded teams taking the field in ISL and I-League?


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